Human Growth Hormone Therapy

 There are many methods to take human growth hormone supplements of which there are three main categories of therapy:

  • Human growth hormone secretagogues
  • Human growth hormone injections
  • Human growth hormone releasers

Secretagogues are the non prescription supplements, they consist of minute amounts of human growth hormone. HGH secretagogue is a form of homeopathic medicine which helps to promote the release of HGH. This method of therapy involves introducing a small quantity of human growth hormone into the body to help stimulate the body to excrete more human growth hormone by itself.

Human growth secretagogues therapy is one of the most expensive non prescription therapies available, a treatment regime may cost from $40.00 to $80.00 per month. Although this particular therapy is available sans therapy but it is highly recommended for patients to consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner or a doctor before undergoing Human growth hormone secretagogues therapy. Medical supervision is advised to track the results of therapy.

For human growth hormone injection therapy the regime involves synthetic human growth hormones which are injected into the body in large doses. Contrary to popular belief the intake of human growth hormones has no detrimental side effects if administered properly and is a very efficient way to take HGH.

Generally, human growth hormone injection therapy is usually administered by a physician and is only available by prescription. This effective therapy does not come cheap and can be as expensive as $20,000 per year. Human growth hormone injection therapy though safe if administered by a qualified physician can have certain side effects on Human body that includes carpel tunnel syndrome, fluid retention and hypertension or high blood pressure if administered improperly.

The third form of therapy is also non prescription, it is known as human growth hormone releaser. This is the cheapest available form of HGH. The releasers are really just amino acid supplements that act as the building blocks for the amino acids already present to create more human growth hormones. This helps to create more hormones for the body. Human growth hormone releasers are the least effective form of human growth hormone therapy but are still popular due to their low cost. When they used in combination with other types of human growth hormone supplements, their effectiveness can be boosted.

There is of course the natural alternative to hormone treatments which is exercise. Physical exertion lets your body naturally generate human growth hormones. It must be remembered the exercise needs to be high intensity such as racquetball, running, weight lifting, or other high aerobic or strenuous exercise. The best human growth therapy is a combination of the mentioned therapies under proper medical supervision.

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