Human Growth Hormone Pills

Since the dawn of time mankind has been searching for the answer to eternal youth. In essence the fountain of youth is the grail that we all quest for as this is the innermost desire of each person to be beautiful and healthy, to love and be loved. Don’t feel bad if you crave for youthfulness as we all at one point or another yearn for our younger days when every day was a new adventure and life was a lemon to be squeezed for all it was worth. Thanks to the miracles of modern science, researchers are inching closer to solving the mystery that has eluded mankind for centuries, the mystery of youth and aging. The key it seems lies in the human growth hormone that resides within each person’s body.

Human growth hormones are secreted and kept by our anterior pituitary gland. As time goes by and we start to age production of these hormones gradually decreases. This is believed to contribute significantly to the lost in not only physical but also mental vitality with increasing age. To stem the effects of decreasing growth hormones in an aging person researchers have come up with a breakthrough by producing synthetic human growth hormone pills. These pills if taken in the correct prescription would function to ensure that the body receives an adequate supply of human growth hormones , this in turn would help to maintain a person’s vitality levels. The basic principle of how these pills function is by stimulating the pituitary gland to ramp up the production of natural human growth hormones that a body synthesizes.

There are a number of advantages of the human growth hormone pill. Similar to the spray on human growth hormone, the pill version of the human growth hormone also gets easily absorbed by the body. Some users feel it easier to use human growth hormones in the pill form as they can be taken like normal vitamins and are cheaper and more convenient than sprays or injections.

Listed below are a few of the proven and consistently effective human growth hormones available on the market


GHR1000 comprises a special propriety mixture of top grade natural ingredients such as amino acids and vitamins that gives the user a feeling of vitality and boosts your energy levels leaving you feeling healthier, younger, and more confident in appearance. GHR1000 is a over the counter daily supplement that provides all the nutrients your body needs to fight off the unwanted effects of old age. This is a mature product with thousands of satisfied users, in fact the manufacturers are so confident in GHR1000 that it even comes with a hassle free 75 day money back guarantee.


GenF20 pills are an effective and affordable one size fits all human growth product coupled with an excellent service package. This product has been intensively tested with positive results and is available over the counter.

GenF20 works by rejuvenating the function of the pituitary gland and by increasing the production of the human growth hormone. This wonderful supplement works wonders to significantly revitalize and invigorate the body. Akin to a car getting serviced after taking GenF20 the whole body functions better. The GenF20 does following.

    * It tones and improves general physical and mental well being
    * Reduces fat and increases lean muscle
    * Energizes your mind, and maintains memory even as you age
    * Makes skin more supple and taut
    * Boosts your libido
    * Increases bone density, and helps to reverse osteoporosis
    * Improves cholesterol Levels and equalizes blood pressure
    * Helps against mood swings, depression and fatigue
    * Improves cardiovascular and respiratory functions
    * Improves the strength of the immune system
    * Reduces wrinkles & age spots
    * Increases metabolism
    * Increases cardiac output and stamina
    * Improves the memory

Human Growth Hormone Energize

This is a mature product which has been on the shelves for quite a number of years and is still popular. This product boasts an estimated 60% success rate. The product consists of human growth precursors and amino peptides which is essential in the production of human growth hormones.


Zytropin is a human growth hormone product that boasts a very high estimated success rate, 85% to be exact. The product consists of human growth hormones, amino acid releasers and HGH6 growth factors.

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