HGH Side Effects

As in most medication the use of human growth hormones can sometimes have undesirable side effects, although some of these side effects are not detrimental to our health and causes no lasting damage it is important take into account the possibility of dangerous side effects when taking hormone or hormone supplements. Knowledge is power and with proper knowledge of the correct method of taking hormone supplements any side effects can be minimized by the user.

The majority of human growth hormones available on the market today tend to target the short-term correction of hormonal imbalance within the body. Thus, any side effects arising from the intake of human growth hormones can be reduced by shortening the duration of hormone use and also by lowering the dosage of the human growth hormone used.

The excessive use of human growth hormones can lead to a number of ungainly side effects. Among the most common aftermaths of excessive used of human growth hormones are the uncontrolled growth of connective tissues, and facial bone that causes a noticeable change in the appearance of the user this include a jutting jaw line and prominent eyebrow bones. Excess hormones may also cause elongated feet and hands coupled with an increased hair growth over the entire body. Listed below are a few of the known side effects of the excessive use of human growth hormone.

    * Death
    * Acromegaly
    * Enlargement of the Heart
    * Abnormal amounts of hair growth all over the body
    * Low blood sugar which can cause a diabetic coma
    * Excessive water retention
    * Damage to the Thyroid
    * Damage to the liver

Among the common symptoms of human growth hormone abuse in adults may include joint pain, fluid retention and nerve compression. Patients being treated with human growth hormones may be confronted with the risk of contracting cancer or diabetes, this is especially relevant for people being treated with higher doses of hormones. A recent survey carried out on adults who had undergone cadaver growth hormone replacement during their childhood indicated a slight increase in colon cancer incidence, nonetheless the results were inconclusive in linking HGH treatment with the cancer.

Human growth hormones are synthesized naturally by the body and thus the use of human growth hormones as a supplement rarely causes any dangerous side effects. Nonetheless as with anything else too much of a good thing hurts and this is especially true for human growth hormones, listed below are some of the possible ailments caused by excessive use of human growth hormones:

Hypoglycemia is the polar opposite of diabetes wherein patients who are afflicted with this ailment produce too much insulin which in turn causes low blood sugar levels as opposed to diabetes where too little insulin is produced by the body. The main reason why excessive human growth hormone intake can lead to hypoglycemia is due to the fact that HGH increases the levels of insulin within the human body.

Extended Belly
This is a rare side effect that sometimes happens when human growth hormones are taken excessively for the purpose of bodybuilding, this usually happens to users who do not follow the prescribed dosage.

A patient who is afflicted with Acromeglia has an abnormal growth of bones. Although human growth hormones do not directly cause Acromeglia, but excessive intake of HGH does speed up the disease progression in people already at risk from it

Joint Pain
A common side effect of human growth hormone treatment is joint pain, this is mainly due to growth induced by the hormone. The joint pain is normally temporary as the body adjusts to the treatment.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Like a knotted garden hose bursting with water, a pinched or twisted nerve can cause carpel tunnel syndrome. Serious cases of carpal tunnel syndrome have been known to cause a total loss of hand use. The use of human growth hormones without following the prescribed dosage can lead to this ailment.

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