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There is an old saying that money can’t buy health, but in these modern times people spend large amounts of money to try and regain their lost youth. With the realization of the benefits of taking human growth hormones many manufacturers and distributors have sprung up both in retail and online to cash in on this trend. In the early days of the human growth hormone  trade the only source for this hormone were from cadavers, the current scenario differs greatly as most distributors sell recombinant human growth hormone. Products that contain HGH are such as injectable human growth hormone, capsules, sprays and liquids.
Most human growth hormone products require a doctor’s prescription. Human growth hormones are usually promoted as a supplement to stem the effects of aging. Also they offer many value added services to the users who wish to directly order the products via mail or phone. Also they offer attractive discounts on the various human growth hormone products.
Not all products are of the same standard or quality, contrary to the claims of their manufacturers. Listed in the following paragraphs is information on several products that are popular on the market. This is an unbiased look at the products on the market that will be helpful to new users and those wanting to compare the available products on the market.
This is a spray based human growth hormone product that contains the following ingredients.
•    Homeopathic  extracts of human growth hormone
•    8 amino acid releasers
•    Additionally, this spray contains: Gaba, Alpha GPC, Glycine, Orthinine Alpha Ketoglutarate, Moomiyo
This particular product also contains Moomiyo which is a natural anabolic from Russia which makes it suitable for active people. The cost for a pack is $59.99 that includes a 90 day money back guarantee.
This particular product also comes in spray form and contains:
•    Homeopathic extracts of human growth hormone
•    8 amino acid releasers
•    This product also features: Alpha GPC, Glycine, Gaba, Moomiyo, L-Dopa Bean Extract, Orthinine Alpha Ketoglutarate,
This product is tailored for senior users thanks to the addition of L-Dopa Bean Extract. The current market price of this product is $127.94 with a 75 day money back guarantee.
Genf 20:
This treatment is a  human growth hormone releaser in the form of capsule or pill :

•    It contains : Pituitary Pwd., GTF Chromium, Colostrum, Phosphatidyl Choline
•    6 amino acid releasers
The advantage of this product is that it contains the ingredient GTF Chromium which makes it best suited for users trying to lose or control their weight. The product costs only $49.95 and comes with a special 60 day money back guarantee.
GHR 1000:
The GHR 1000 is also a human growth hormone releaser available as a capsule. This wonderful product contains:
•    7 amino acid releasers
•    With the addition of: Glycine, Gaba, Tribulus Terrestris (Testosterone stimulant) Colostrum
It contains Tribulus Terrestris which is what makes it particularly suitable for men and high performance athletes. The product features a 75 day money return guarantee.

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